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Crack sealing services provided by 5 Star Asphalt will offer great benefits. This will help aid in defense against pavement cracking and repairs that usually are not affordable.
Constant weathering is your pavement’s most unavoidable enemy. Oxidation from the sun causes shrinkage and separation of the asphalt surface. Once that happens, rainwater will likely penetrate the pavement’s subsurface and weaken it. Without proper Asphalt Maintenence, areas around the pavement will also begin to deteriorate. As a result of increased oxidation, the main crack will only increase. The end result of this is not great for curb appeal and that is wgere we can offer our expertise.

5 Star Asphalt’s Crack sealing services will assist in prevent the deterioration of the subbase pavement from water and debris that will sneak in underneath over time. The thorough maintenance of affected areas and the application of crack sealant will prevent further erosion of the surface and damage to the structural support of the pavement. Our professional grade Crack Sealing material is designed to expand and shrink allowing for long lasting support. By utilizing preventative maintenance, sealing cracks early will extend the life of your pavement considerably and prevent expansive repairs.